Jewish Religious Settlers Part 5

 Now back to the disputed Territories.  Let me point out the possibility of another alternative, one which is neither the hawkish Gush Emunim nor the leftist shalom achshav  (Peace Now) style.

Written By Gideon Aran 


The former sanctify the Territories, hence insist on sticking to them.  The latter see the Territories as anathema, an abomination to be

relinquished as soon as possible, and eliminated not just from the geo-political but from the mental and mythological map as well.  I propose to consider the possibility of returning to the old Jewish agenda, namely the pre-Zionist position, which refrained from annexation initiatives on the one hand, and from sacrilege of the Whole Land of Israel, on the other hand.  

One may love the Land, including its parts across the border, and at the same time remain within the border.  To be sure, this stance involves the capacity to contain a considerable inner tension.  Contemporary Israelis might realize that such a (post-Zionist?) stance may prove creative and possibly gratifying.

Taken from “Anthropological-Historical Notes on the Israeli Settlements in the Territories: Towards Possible Evacuation”, By Gideon Aran.

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