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Kookism Epilogue – Part 3

The crisis of both followers and faith has to do with a radical change the Kookism is going through – a change that draws us near to its own decline and end. Yeshayahu Leibowitz once sarcastically noted the following when … Continue reading

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Nudity Is Equated With Privacy And Haredim Have So Little

Unlike modern secular contexts in which nudity is equated with privacy, which itself contributes to the problematics of nudity, it may be that because Haredim have so little privacy, and because their sense of privacy is relatively undeveloped, they have … Continue reading

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Jewish Religious Settlers Part 5

 Now back to the disputed Territories.  Let me point out the possibility of another alternative, one which is neither the hawkish Gush Emunim nor the leftist shalom achshav  (Peace Now) style. Written By Gideon Aran    The former sanctify the … Continue reading

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